Meet the team

Daniel AlmondDaniel Almond

Dream Destination? Cinque Terre – I can see my self perched on that quintessential Mediterranean coast with not a care in the world.

Best Travel Memory? Enjoying the sun, sand and nightlife in Mykonos, Greece.

Travel tip? Never have a rigid plan, always leave enough flexibility for spontaneity!

Yvette De StoopYvette De Stoop 

Dream destination? Spend a month in the Arctic (North Pole) drinking vodka in an igloo with a local Eskimo.

Best travel memory? Doing the “Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona Spain, dressed as a boy…. crazy times!

Travel tip? Adventure traveller or not, always take a spare pair of knickers in your hand luggage. You can never be too prepared…

Miji KangMiji Kang

Dream destination? Israel. I’m a Christian and that’s the place where a lot of Christians want to go.

Best travel memory? Jeju island in Korea with my family. I can’t forget the scene of the snowy mountain, and the food there was a great delight. It is a very beautiful island – actually quite famous travel site among Asians.

Travel tip? Don’t make your schedule too busy. Take your time and try to be a local of the community. Fully enjoy the atmosphere of the place because famous travel sites are not always as good as they sound! I’d suggest you hang around the town, meet new people there and make your own unique travel memory. 

Joanna LetnerJoanna Letner

Dream Destination? There’s so many I could name! Currently, I guess it would have to be Brazil, not only because of the upcoming FIFA World Cup but the culture and lifestyle has always been something I want to experience.

Best Travel Memory? Swimming with sharks in Queensland. It’s such an adrenaline rush at first but then you realise they’re quite gentle creatures – when they’re not hungry!
Travel Tip? For the girls – you really don’t have to take half your wardrobe when travelling. Pack a few favourites and you’ll be right for weeks, took me a few years to put that into practice.

Alice OrszulokAlice Orszulok

Dream destination? Peru! It just seems so exotic.

Best travel memory?  Skydiving over the Swiss Alps.

Travel Tip? Keep your spare credit card in a separate location from your first one. Better yet, try not to lose your wallet, especially when it contains all your money, cards, identification and passport.

Jay PandyaJay Pandya 

Dream destination? Going on the African trail start from the north in Cairo and finishing in South Africa. Six week safari!

Best travel memory? The La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain was just amazing, so much fun. The world’s biggest food fight lived up to all the hype (tip: take goggles!)

Travel tip? Don’t worry so much about taking photos or videos all the time to try and capture every moment. I think if you focus too much on that, you might capture the moment but you don’t really live in the moment. The best memories are in your head, not on your hard drive but in saying that everyone loves a cool photos for Facebook!

Laura Parr Laura Parr

Dream destination? Staying in one of those huts in Bora Bora where you can jump straight into the beautiful water when you wake up!

Best travel memory? Watching the sunset on a rooftop in Sorrento, Italy – absolute bliss.

Travel tip? A GPS is the only way to go if you’re roadtripping around the unknown. It might sound obvious but don’t even think about leaving it behind!

Kahla PrestonKahla Preston

Dream destination? Croatia. That sparkling blue sea, the medieval walled cities and mouth-watering food… take me back!

Best travel memory? The year I spent living in Lausanne, Switzerland. I’ll never forget picnics by Lake Geneva at dusk, gazing across at the French Alps. Heavenly.

Travel tip? Take a pack of cards. When flights are delayed or you’re stuck on a train for 10 hours, you’re going to need something to help pass the time.

Katie Van LeeuwenKatie Van Leeuwen

Dream destination? Jamaica. White sand, palm trees, coconuts and Bob Marley all day.

Best Travel Memory? Riding elephants in Thailand!

Travel Tip? Back up your photos at the end of every day. I lost two weeks worth of Europe when my camera died!


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