Boomer women are doin’ it for themselves

Australia’s female baby boomers are taking travelling to the next level. These women have high levels of fitness and are unafraid to push the limits. Joanna Letner learns more.

REPORTER: Australian baby boomers have recently been announced as the most travelled generation to hit their 50s, and the excitement of their younger years hasn’t died down.

We all know baby boomers are not content with just finishing their careers, retiring and settling down for the remainder of their years, and the women are taking this to a whole other level.

Female baby boomers, whether single, married or in a de facto relationship are now finding time to go on adventure holidays while still juggling their family and work lives.

Personal Trainer Ann from Prairiewood Leisure Centre leads her classes by example.

PERSONAL TRAINER ANN: “Never stop. You’re never too old to start and you can keep going as long as you possibly can. The longer you go the better.“

REPORTER: Ann believes that first and foremost fitness is the most important component of the baby boomers lifestyle, and an important factor to consider for those planning adventure travelling.

PERSONAL TRAINER ANN: “ It’s a big help to everything in life. Motivation, looking after grandkids, shopping, holidays, everything that you do becomes of major importance. When you’re fit you can do it, when you’re not fit everything’s a challenge, everything’s a chore when everything should be so pleasurable.”

REPORTER: After 25 years of training and a recent hip replacement, Ann still hasn’t satisfied her lust for adventure.

PERSONAL TRAINER ANN: “The challenges are there but if you’re motivated enough and you know once you get there you’ve got to go through with it.  Adventure in New Zealand, We’re doing Mt Kosciusko, in Christmas time we’re going to Thredbo walking across to the Victorian border on the alpine track and coming back.”

REPORTER: While she admits her decisions can sometimes be pushing the limits, whether it be mountaineering in Nepal or hiking in Mount Kosciusko National Park, the experience is what makes it all worthwhile.

PERSONAL TRAINER ANN: “Adventure is the repayment.”

REPORTER: And the women in her class are just as enthusiastic and determined as she is.

PERSONAL TRAINER ANN: “I’ll tell you what, they work like demons. They’ve been with me for a very long time, I’ve been in this centre 20 years, almost 20 years since it opened and they have evolved with me. You’re talking about ladies that are quite fit. They might look old, they might feel old, but they’re not.”

REPORTER: In 2010, 74% of baby boomers were already travelling both domestically and overseas, and 92% had decided they were definitely going to travel more upon retirement.

Now in 2012, it appears the women have tired of waiting for retirement and decided to milk life for all it’s worth. Simply travelling does not seem to satisfy the cravings of our adventurous baby boomers.

According to PR Newswire this generation “is redefining retirement by diving into high-energy activities and seeking new experiences – from motorcycle riding and hiking to kayaking and white-water river rafting.”

With every passing year the rules of aging seem to reverse further with this wilful generation.

This is Joanna Letner reporting for Baby Zoomers Magazine.


5 responses to “Boomer women are doin’ it for themselves

  1. My piano teacher is 67 years old and she is incredibly fit! She’s walked through Nepal and climbed Mt Everest, I think three times. How she does it, I’ll never know! Truly an inspiration though!

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