A baby boom in domestic travel

The number of baby boomers travelling domestically has dramatically increased, with campervan registrations up 21 per cent since 2007. Yvette De Stoop reports.


REPORTER: Despite the European debt crisis and high Australian dollar, the number of baby boomers opting to travel at home has increased. With the number of registered campervans leaping up over 21 per cent since 2007, it’s the so-called Grey Nomads who are making the humble campervan a new form of lifestyle. Dr Jenny Small a professor at the University of Technology Sydney says, travelling for long periods is increasing.

JENNY SMALL: Caravanning and travelling for long periods of time is on the increase. There is certainly more people out there than in the past. A large group of them were what we call grey nomads. People who are travelling for a long period of time usually around Australia.

REPORTER: With a large number of these baby boomers selling their houses to travel they are often on the road for years. Dr Small says some major reason’s for this is the freedom and social factors associated with the so-called Grey Nomad lifestyle.

JENNY SMALL: Well there is a sense of freedom. Their time is their own. If they like a place they can stay there for three weeks. They are not bound to a timetable. So there is that complete shaking away of all the constraints of the city modern urban living. Healthy stage of life, people are living longer. People are becoming more adventures and wanting to get out there. Life is becoming much more stressful in the city and people just want to shake that off and get out there and explore their country.

REPORTER: As the entire concept of the Grey Nomads becomes more mainstream the caravan parks and roads are becoming more equipped to cater for the surge in Grey Nomad domestic travel.  Yvette De Stoop Baby Zoomers Magazine.


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