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Baby boomer travelling trends have led to the creation of travel websites designed specifically to cater for the needs and interests of baby boomers. Joanna Letner takes a look.

The internet contains a wealth of information on just about any given topic, but when travelling, how can one determine which website provides the best material?

After all, preparing a holiday isn’t a simple task, and even if you’re an internet savvy baby boomer navigating through so many different websites can become confusing.

It’s important to find sites that give a clear picture of what is available in terms of airfares, accommodation, travel tips and up to date information on different destinations, particularly if you’re looking to go to a place that’s prone to natural disasters.

Many travel websites do not provide all of the abovementioned information, however many specialise in one or two of these categories. We have chosen a few prime travel websites, specifically from the baby boomers perspective, to see how useful they are in supplying readers with reliable facts.

While there are plenty of general travel websites available on the Internet, those that specifically cater for the interests of baby boomers – who are currently the Australian tourism industry’s leading demographic in terms of consumption – are much harder to find.

Three of the most popular Baby Boomer travel websites are Boomeropia, Baby Boomers Traveling and Oz Baby Boomers – Travel, all three of which target Boomers all around the world.


Boomeropia is a great website for discovering activities that are location-specific around the world. All of these are catalogued neatly in over 25 sub-categories on the home page of this website. With this in mind, navigation on the website is very user-friendly and great at providing ideas for those who have a specific kind of holiday in mind.

The lack of detail on the main page is definitely compensated for in terms of the individual articles on attractions contained in this site. Each article includes a very detailed description of an interest along with a specific contact number and email for those seeking more information.

The main downfall of this website is the clear bias in the articles it provides. The articles are in the style of advertisements for the business behind the piece.

Baby Boomers Travelling

Next up is This website does not have a standardised navigation, for example while there are four main tabs at the top of the home page, to continue on to more detailed pages the viewer needs to navigate through the side bar. In other instances, key words are highlighted in an article and these will also take to viewer deeper into the websites catalogue. All in all, the website is quite messy, however there is a wide variety of information that is worthwhile to look at, if any of the countries mentioned happen to be one you want to travel to.

Rather than just describing key activities to enjoy, the creators of this website have gone a step further and also described the context of the locations. Tips on how to travel, surprise costs and unreliable transport, basically the typical information that is necessary for safe and unobstructed travels is provided. These points are often overlooked by bigger travel websites.

This website is clearly unbiased in the range of information it has provided, and all details provided are from the perspective of experienced travellers.

Oz Baby Boomers

Finally we have the travel site Once again, this site is completely unique in the way it supplies information for travelling baby boomers. Here the articles are all written reviews by experienced journalists, however the layout of the website isn’t quite as professional as its writers.

Yes, there are some positives. The travel tab is clearly displayed on the left hand side and every story has a headline, accompanying photo and short description, should the viewer decide they are interested in that particular story. Due to the structure of the site being uniform the site’s navigability is increased.

The websites writers manage to maintain a relatively unbiased and discerning approach to every topic they investigate and so the information they provide is both relevant and accurate for baby boomers setting abroad.

This website is very well written, interesting and every article makes a distinct point with thorough information supplied to showexperience behind the words. This site is especially relevant for Australian baby boomers planning to travel domestically.

Overall Ratings

Boomeropia: 3 out of 5

Baby Boomers Traveling: 3.5 out of 5

Oz Baby Boomers – Travel: 4 out of 5

While all three websites are worth taking a look at before taking flight, Oz Baby Boomers has the most applicable information for Boomers, specific for those located in Australia.

Joanna Letner


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  1. Very interesting site and loads of information. I shall find you on FB when I go home tonight. I hope this site really takes off and you continue the great work

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