Go home, boomers

Many Australian baby boomers trace their origins back to post-war migration

Many tourists, including baby boomers, travel exclusively to their country of origin. This single destination preference has led to a rise in specialist travel agents, as Jay Pandya reports.


REPORTER: It’s that time of year where holiday plans and flight bookings start coming to mind.

(Jet taking off sound)

REPORTER: But for Aussie baby boomers born overseas, it’s more a question of when rather than where as their travel plans almost always involve their country of origin. These single destination travel preferences have led to an increase in travel agents who specialise on one subcontinent.

Travel agency: “Good morning Hyderabad Travels this is Hansi how may I help you?”

REPORTER: Hyderabad Travels is one of many Indian travel agencies. With offices in Parramatta and Harris Park, Hyderabad Travels is at the epicentre of Sydney’s baby boomer and new migrated Indian population. Baby Zoomers spoke to travel agent and owner Raj Reddy.

RAJ REDDY: The population of the Indian subcontinent is growing here and then that definitely is a kind of helpful for us and our business to grow. Because obviously when they come here, after one or two years they want to go back to their own country to see relatives, to spend some time… It’s like in proportionate when the immigration grows, our business grows.

REPORTER: Mister Reddy says his travel agency prides itself on being personal and professional with its customers, in particular the baby boomers many of whom identify Hyderabad Travels as their first point of contact before they book.

Travel agency: Conversation between Baby boomer customer and agent from Hyderabad Travels.

REPORTER: According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of short-term overseas departures has more than doubled since 2002, with Asian countries making up a large portion of the preferred destinations. Hyderabad Travels’ business depends on these subcontinent countries.

RAJ REDDY: We and other subcontinent agents they depend on the subcontinent market, the major market is subcontinent. Subcontinent psychology is such a way that they always wait for the special fares. Some of the countries like Europe and America’s they have a different high seasons and low seasons.

REPORTER: Forty-nine year old baby boomer Ljupco Kosteski was born in Macedonia and moved to Australia almost thirty years ago. He’s a well-known figure within the Sydney Macedonian community and has been hosting a community radio show called the Voice of Macedonia for the past 18 years.

REPORTER (interview): First of all why do you prefer going to Macedonia as your main destination when you travel overseas?

LJUPCO KOSESKI: I mean simply because I am Macedonian. I was born in Macedonia and also I grew up in Macedonia so when I got there, there are lots of memories for me and also my parents live there I got lots of friends and relatives there so I really really enjoy when I’m travelling to Macedonia.

REPORTER: Mister Kosteski feels his desire for wanting to return to his homeland is one shared by all migrant baby boomers.

LJUPCO KOSESKI: I strongly believe people who are born overseas, not just in Australia but any other countries, they got that desire to go back to their own roots and to be part of that country or tradition.

REPORTER: With the peak travel season for Asian subcontinent flights coming up in November and the peak season for European flights during June, baby boomers looking to revisit their origins should keep these periods in mind and book early, using a specialist travel agent could pay off as well. Jay Pandya reporting for Baby Boomers Magazine.


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