Review: Trafalgar Tours

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Planning a trip for two people is complex enough, but planning one for several generations of the family can be a nightmare. Daniel Almond reviews Trafalgar Tours for intergenerational travel.

Trafalgar tours is Australia’s premier tour company when it comes to family travel – well so they tell me. But after going through the motions of organising a family holiday to Europe, I’m not so sure they quite live up to their reputation. First of all, their web presence is extremely confusing. A simple ‘trafalgar tours’ search on Google reaps a long list of results – most of which are subsidiaries of the company, meaning finding that official website is far greater task than it should be!

Just when I thought I had made it through the hard yards in actually reaching the Trafalgar Tours website, the complexity of the page proved my assumption wrong. Even I– a technologically savvy gen Y kid who spends way too much time on the net– found it extremely difficult to navigate around the pages. With so many headings and tool bars, the page seems to ignore the commonly held website maxim that less is more. Rather than featuring their packages in a simplified manner, the company website spreads all tours and prices across the board making it hard to find the information you need.

Although there’s a lot to be said about Trafalgar’s web presence, one area where the company certainly isn’t lacking is customer service. Speaking with a representative about a potential family expedition across Europe, I was met with politeness and a wealth of surprisingly to-the-point information. Once I was able being to converse with a real life person and not pre-occupied with navigating around the web, I was able to see the true value of the Trafalgar Company. The courteous man I was dealing with was able to give me a succinct summary of current packages whilst also explaining to a rather ignorant me that one can in fact organise all of this through a travel agent.

And that I did. Discussing various Trafalgar packages and prices with a local travel agent I found that the diversity of the products offered really was second to none. Also, I might add that I was given a few brochures that were specifically catered toward family travel and for someone trying to prepare for a holiday involving multiple generations, this was probably the most useful resource I got my hands on.

Clearly, Trafalgar Tours does have a lot to offer; I’m just not sure they’ve figured out how to let everyone know.


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