Flight costs to soar as the peak travel season hits

Image: India Tourism

Boomers travelling to Asian countries, get booking! As Jay Pandya reports, with the year quickly coming to a close, the costs of flights are set to fly.


REPORTER: The peak season for Australia’s travel industry generally goes from November to February. Travel destinations affected the most by the price hike are south east Asian countries which, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, are the most popular destinations for Australians travellers, making up more than thirty per cent of short-term departures.

Raj Reddy, a travel agent and founder of Hyderabad Travels based in Parramatta says the differences in prices can be quite significant.

RAJ REDDY: In the high season, normal fare would be around $2200 to $2400. Low season usually about $1200 and $1200 plus, that difference is huge.

REPORTER: In an increasingly competitive travel industry Mister Reddy says airlines flying to Asia are releasing specials and discount fares to tempt customers during the off-peak season.

RAJ REDDY: Nowadays, especially from the last three years some of the airlines are releasing crazy prices like $1000, $900 something like that.

REPORTER: Mister Reddy feels this has led to customers starting to use one cheap price as the benchmark for all other flights, something they should avoid over upcoming peak season.

RAJ REDDY: People got used to that kind of prices, now what’s happening is that when we say this is the price $1200 the normal price, (they say) okay so when is the special fair coming up? So they’re expecting the same fair to be again in the same year. Usually they don’t, the airlines don’t release every year.

REPORTER: Jay Pandya, Baby Zoomers Magazine.


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